Learn the craft of story writing from experts. Story writing is an art and science which has to be nurtured with systematic approach towards writing. Pranvi Film Academy brings an intensive one month weekend course on the art of story writing. In this course you will be learning the step by step process to build a story.  READ MORE


Editing is a specialized skill, is the art of selecting, arranging, and refining footage to create a compelling and cohesive film.

A skilled video editor should possess a combination of technical expertise, creativity, and attention to detail. READ MORE


Are you are an aspiring Actor?
Are you struggling to get foot hold in the movie industry?

Having a strong portfolio is a must.

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A script is a written document that outlines the story, dialogue, actions, and other elements to bring a story to life on screen or stage. It includes scene descriptions, character names, dialogue, stage directions, and any other relevant information that helps convey the intended vision of the writer. READ MORE


Film making a series of interconnected activities and stages that transform an initial concept or idea into a final visual product for audiences to enjoy. Film making, also known as movie production, refers to the process of creating films or movies. READ MORE