Film making a series of interconnected activities and stages that transform an initial concept or idea into a final visual product for audiences to enjoy. Film making, also known as movie production, refers to the process of creating films or movies.

Film making is a highly creative and collaborative art form that combines storytelling, visual aesthetics, technical expertise, and the ability to evoke emotions and engage audiences. 


1. What is Film making?

2. What is 24 Crafts?

3. Importance of Film making Crafts.

     1. Direction

     2. Cinematography

     3. Sound

     4. Production

     5. Production design

     6. Editing

     7. Acting

     8. Script

4. Film grammar importance

5. Film Elements

     1. Scenes

     2. Songs

     3. Fights

6. What is Scene?

7. Types of Scenes

8. What is Song?

9. Types of Songs

10. What is Fight?

11. Types of Fight

12. Director Roles and Responsibilities

13. Direction Department


     1. Director

     2. Co-Director  1st AD

     3. Associate Director  2nd AD

         Associate Director   3rd AD

     4. Assistant Director  4th AD

     5. Apprentice – Newcomer

14. Shooting process

15. All breakdowns – call sheet preparation

16. Scene shooting techniques

17. Coverage methods

18. Professional step by step


19. Budgeting